Thanksgiving Felted Pins & Brooches

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Thanksgiving Felted Pins & Brooches

This project is similar to our cookie cutter tutorial that you can find here.

Most of us love to be the source of holiday cheer. We enjoy making others happy through our friendliness, caring and gifts. This idea is just fun to do and keeping with the holiday atmosphere is always a perk. We get the question all the time, “What do I do with all these small felting projects?” and the answer is simple – make them into jewelry! Felt brooches are not a new idea, but they sure are a contagious idea!

To start you will need to gather some supplies. Most can be found below.


  • Cookie Cutter of your desired shape
  • Wool roving for the base color
  • Extra roving for the embellishments
  • Felting Needles
  • Needle Felting sponge, brush or matte

Start with enough wool roving to fill your cookie cutter up with your base color, then place the cookie cutter on your needle felting matte. Now start poking it with your felting needle. What will happen is that the fibers will start in intertwine and soon you will have a fabric. Find out your ideal thickness for the future brooch. Next, start adding your other colors for embellishments. For instance, if you make a leaf, you can easily create the veins of the leaf in a darker color. If you do a turkey, you can make the feather area a vibrant red. Use your imagination and have fun.

Once the piece is done, simply sew on your brooch needle and “presto!” – you now have a piece of fun, felted art!

Thanksgiving Felted Pins & Brooches Supplies

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