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Knitt Felting by Hand in a Bucket

Posted by in Felting How To's, Felting Wool, General Information, Knit Felting, Knitted Felting did this great video tutorial on how to get your knitted projects felted by hand. In this case she was doing oven mits (and they are pretty!). When doing a knit felting project like this – please make sure your knits are consistant and tight.  You’ll want to have created them bigger than what you expect the finished product to be also.  Sit back and enjoy this Knit Felting in a bucket project!   Knit Felting Supplies & Books Purchasing from’s affiliate store helps support this website’s staff and...

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Knit Felting

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Knit or Knitted Felting Used to make knitted items thicker, more dense, and warmer, knitted felting transforms your knitted items into felted creations! Felting knitted items can be done in two ways: hand fulling and machine fulling. Hand Fulling 1. Put your project in a bowl full of warm, soapy water until your felting craft is soaked through. 2. In order to “full” (felt) the knitted piece, you may either repeat the process of wet felting: 2. Wet the fibers with warm, soapy water, allowing the water to saturate the fibers. 3. After saturating, pat the fibers down by hand to compress...

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