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Needle Felted Rabbits

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Oh my gosh, these things are so cute!  Sweetorials on YouTube put this together.  This fun project takes the principles of needle felting a typical ball, then adding some of the cute bunny features.  Something to think about, have fun with projects like these.  How big are the eyes, are they winking at you?  Could you do something fun and exciting like smiley faces, bunny teeth?  Maybe chewing a carrot?  Regardless, needle felting a rabbit is a great way to spend an hour or so. Needle Felted Rabbits Needle Felting Supplies Related articles How to Make a Needle-Felted Mushroom How...

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Sheep Shearing – How To Make Wool

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Lets explore the journey that wool takes from the sheep to a sweater. There once was a stunning ram named Maximus, who’s fleece was white as snow. Maximus was a Finnsheep and since the warm winds of spring had come, it was time for his annual shearing. First off, Maximus, was herded into a shearing area. He was put up on a table and his hooves were trimmed and cleaned, it was the perfect time to make sure he was healthy. The shearing area was clean and organized to ensure that both the ram and the shearer would be safe and comfortable. Maximus thought the shearer was going to give him a...

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Understanding Wool Fibers

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As with anything in life, wool can get complicated. Wool fibers come in many different types and can vary depending on breed, age and health of the animal. Wool quality can even be affected if the animal was raised with a hair breed. Hair breed, not hair brained… When looking for raw wool, it is important to understand some of the details. Details like staple length, diameter, hand, crimp, luster and color. These things affect the price and use of the wool. Staple length: A Staple, in this case refers to the cluster of fibers that grow together to form the fleece, not the U-shaped...

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Wet Felting

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Wet Felting Wet felting can be broken down into three basic steps—getting the fibers wet, agitating the fibers, and shaping the completed project. 1. Layer fibers flat, each layer perpendicular to the next and former on a bamboo mat or bubble wrap. 2. Wet the fibers with warm, soapy water, allowing the water to saturate the fibers. 3. After saturating, pat the fibers down by hand to compress layers. Add more fibers if needed. 4. Agitate fibers by using a rod to aid in rolling up the item to be felted and the bamboo mat. 5. Secure the mat and roll until fibers are sufficiently tangled and...

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