Nuno Felting

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Nuno Felting

Nuno felting is the art of wet felting over another type of fabric. This technique begins very much like wet felting, except with an extra layer of fabric between the fibers through and around which the fibers will felt.
1. Lay out a layer of fibers on your bamboo mat or bubble wrap, leaving small open spaces for the second layer of fabric to show through.
2. Lay down your fabric atop the layer of fibers carefully. Lay another layer of fibers on top of the fabric.
3. Follow the steps of wet felting to felt your item
(2. Wet the fibers with warm, soapy water, allowing the water to saturate the fibers.
3. After saturating, pat the fibers down by hand to compress layers. Add more fibers if needed.
4. Agitate fibers by using a rod to aid in rolling up the item to be felted and the bamboo mat.
5. Secure the mat and roll until fibers are sufficiently tangled and the item is felted, unrolling, rewetting, and rearranging as necessary. Roll approximately 50-100 times.
6. Test your project to gauge its felting progress by pinching it. If the fibers pull apart fairly easily, continue rolling. If the fibers are sufficiently matted, it’s time to move on.
7. Once you are satisfied with the extent of felting, remove the bamboo mat and rise in chill water. When you remove it, make sure to squeeze out excess water.
8. (*optional step) Depending on the pattern, you will sometimes be required to harden, shrink, or stiffen the felt. To do this, roll the felt around a rod (without a bamboo mat or bubble wrap) from several directions until the desired texture is reached.
9. To remove excess water, roll the felt in a towel. Now is the time to shape your felt and leave it to dry.)

Nuno Felting Supplies

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