Needle Felting Figures

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One of the biggest things you need to know when needle felting a figure like a person, animal or object is you need a solid foundation to hold all the felt together where it’s supposed to be (and stay). The best way to do that that offers a flexible solution is using a wire frame. Making the frames is fun, it takes a little research in the object you will be creating – and it takes some patience too, as keeping the proportions right will make for a better figurine. One of the best videos we have seen covering this topic is by GypsyFelting (please visit her channel on because she is AWESOME!).

To get started on your needle felted figures, find a sturdy grade of wire that isn’t too hard to bend, but isn’t too flexible not to keep the shape you want. Make sure you have a pair of needle nosed pliers, wire cutters and a we find a pair of gloves help to keep your hands from bleeding for those intricate bends that you may need to make.

Do some research on your topic. GypsyFelting makes a good point that if you follow from a drawing book, you actually get some of the real framework down that is needed to create your needle felted figures.

Video from GypsyFelting

Needle Felting Supplies

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