Needle Felting With Cookie Cutters

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The world of felting is so expansive, so imaginative and so much fun, it’s hard to think why anyone wouldn’t want to try it! Did you know that with a little fiber, a cookie cutter and some time – you can create great pieces of wool fabric with ease! The directions are simple:

Plan ahead:
It’s a good idea to trace your cookie cutter on a piece of paper, have some crayons or colored pencils ready and start designing your trace.

Next, gather your roving in all the colors you will need. Place your cookie cutter on your felting matte, sponge or brush and add your base color inside. Next, take your felting needle and start poking. Once you get the base layer finished, you can start to add the embellishments on top and work them into the base layer as needed.

It’s that easy!

Some great ideas would be some seasonal decorations, felted Christmas ornaments, autumn leaves, a summer beach ball or felted flowers – even felt bikes!

Marie Spaulding over at put together this great video. The people over at Living Felt are awesome – so make sure to check out their site!

Needle Felting Supplies

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