How to Felt Wool

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How to Felt Wool
There are four basic types of felting: wet felting, needle felting, nuna felting, and knit felting. Though there are others, these are the ones you will come across most in your quest to learn how to felt. Here on we provide videos depicting these types of felting methods, making it easy for you to see and, consequently, do.Wet felting is characterized by method in which felt is created. The word “wet” refers to the fact that in wet felting, fibers are put in warm water in order to start the felting process. Needle felting agitates the fibers with barbed felting needles in order to begin the process. Nuna felting is known for felting with another material to create a layered material. Finally, knit felting begins with a knitted item that is then felted or fulled to create a felted item.

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