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Felt Beads

So this whole “wool” thing is pretty amazing.  From making something you can wear like hats and clothing, you can also make your own felt jewelry in the form of beads.  This process is a form of wet felting, using warm water to help mold the fibers into each other.  You can do something as simple as felting balls in any size – smaller ones for beads.  We highly suggest that you have fun with it too by mixing fiber colors into your designs.  Start with your base color(s) and when you have the ball/bead to almost the size you want, lightly wrap your ball with fine strips of colored roving.  You can create a marbled effect if you pull it off correctly.

Rachel Greenland did this great tutorial on felting balls – if you use this principal for smaller beads you will have the general idea. 🙂

Wet Felting Supplies

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